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10 months ago

S4E18 - RPG: Quietus - Dead Space

An unlikely trio find themselves on the getaway of a lifetime aboard the luxury space station Peregrination. The amenities are stellar, the views celestial, and the solitude pristine - at first. Can they survive the horrors of space and make it back to earth?

Content Warning

Abuse/Gaslighting, supernatural horror, strong language, alcohol use, gaslighting, asphyxiation, strangulation; mention of agoraphobia, drowning




Quietus, a game of melancholy horror exquisitely suited for tense, oneshot games, was created by Oli Jeffery.


All music from, Standard License: Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 001 by Sascha Ende®

Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 004 by Sascha Ende®

Classical Metal Workout by MusicLFiles

Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod

Space Ambience by Alexander Nakarada

Suspenseful Cinematic Ambient by MusicLFiles

All sound effects from, Creative Commons Attribution license:

  • “Cat purr” by Trautwein
  • “Cat purring and meow” and “cat meow short” by skymary
  • “Flashbulb heavy” by schots
  • “GettingCloserThumps” by eardeer
  • “Intercom in” and “Intercom out” by bevibeldesign
  • “Metallic Thump” by ZurfR
  • “Radio Beep” by Kijadzel
  • “Standing on broken glass” by dsote
  • “Swoosh” by Bareform
  • “train door close 1a” by Yoyodaman234
  • “UI_Click” by finix473
  • “Wet Metal Footsteps” by Kodack
  • “24” by adcbicycle


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