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11 months ago

S4E10 - AD: Sidequesting and October Jones & Fish with Legs - Crossover

An all-seeing Narrator turns the crystal ball’s gaze to Rion, an avoidant hero who’s always ready to help, who finds a little island on a big lake that seems to have a pest problem...


Mayor - Zoë Bujold; Spotacus - Tyson Fraleigh; Lad - Ezra J. Wayne; Narrator - Elisabeth Nyveen; Rion - Tal Minear.


October Jones and Fish with Legs created by Dexter Lavery-Callender, Elisabeth Nyveen, and Zoë Bujold.

Sidequesting created by Tal Minear.

Written and edited by Dexter Lavery-Callender, Tal Minear, and Elisabeth Nyveen. Main theme music by Alexander Cruz.

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