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11 months ago

S4E9 - RPG: Gobs of Gobs - Quest for the Littlest Pig

A collab for International Podcast Month 2021, starring Evan Saft, Jazz Eisinger, Ryan Evans, Waffles, and Therin Stapp, playing “Gobs of Gobs” by Ethan Hudgens. Audio edited by Therin and Hazel Stapp. Transcribed by Therin Stapp.


This game was GMed by Therin

Clarity was played by Jazz

Squish was played by Evan Saft

Teddy was played by Ryan Evans

Upfish was played by Waffles

  • Show: Nothing right now, but they’re around!
  • Twitter: @mahaffay

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Hazel Stapp (@hazel_da_basil) for editing assistance.


“Gobs of Gobs” was written by Ethan Hudgens. Find his work at


Music by Strobotone! The main theme was “Medieval Theme 01,” Skittles’ theme was “Cute Winter Game Theme 01,” Olive’s cannon vogueing sequence was “Dance track 01,” and the Town theme was “Medieval Theme 02.” Find them at Used under a CC-BY license.


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