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11 months ago

S4E6 - RPG: Agon - The Bull of Tymisos

Heroes of a foreign conflict sail homewards ready for their songs of victory to be sung when they become trapped in an island labyrinth. We follow Androula, Kallis and Thaxton as they face strife and divine favour to see who will have a dirge sung and who will ascend to legendary status.

Content Warning



Agon by John Harper and Sean Nittner Available from Evil Hat Games & DriveThruRPG


GM Adam Powell (Snyder’s Return - @ReturnSnyder) Strife Player (GM).

Players Cole Burkhardt (RitualSix Podcast - @ritualsix) Thaxton Noordin Ali Kadir (RitualSix Podcast - @WerewolfFeels) Kallis Velvet Divine (@OGBrownSugar) - Androula


Edited by Adam Powell


No External Music was used during the editing process although you can hear storm winds in the background, they were entirely natural.


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