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2 months ago

S5E12 - RPG: Brindlewood Bay - Bitter Rivals

Brindlewood Bay retirees Mary, Jane, and Whitney are called upon to investigate the grisly demise of the local high school's mascot. Is there more to the blood and pageantry at the community ice rink than just a petty high school rivalry? The Murder Mavens are on the case... as soon as they finish their weekly book club meeting.

Content Warning

alcohol, blood, mild gore, threat of violence references to: birds, cults, death, guns, police, fire 


This is an International Podcast Month (IPM) Brindlewood Bay special featuring cast from Trials of the Apocalypse, Tavern Tales, Stories from Chaos Edge, and Pod Against the Machine:

| David as the Keeper | | Gero as Mary Poplar Theisen | | Kyle as Whitney Remington | | Madelancholy as Jane DeRime | 


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