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2 years ago

S2E45 - RPG: Weave - Old Town Road

The world was destroyed. Now, humanity has regrown cities and commerce over the ruins of a time long past – a functioning society. Now, massive machines patrol the horizon – a looming threat to everyday life. Now, Dynama swirls in the air – a magic that can be both beautiful and destructive. The secrets to the world's end may be buried in ruins, protected by mechs, or hidden by the Dynama... Because though the world has recovered, it's drastically changed. Rem!x and Clyde discover an oddity from the old world that leads them down the Old Town Road.

Content Warning: May contain slight body horror (one character is effectively a cyborg).

Weave is a storytelling system using tarot-style cards to inform the game; join us for a family-friendly adventure using the Dynama playset of Weave!

Featuring Renee Rhodes from Fate and the Fablemaidens as Storyteller, Kyle Devich from Prism Pals as Rem!x, and Aubrey Massey from If You Give a Mouse a Dagger as Clyde. Sound design and editing by Renee Rhodes.


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Intro and Outro music is Morning Dew by LiQWYD