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1 year ago

S3E11 - RPG: Thirsty Sword Lesbians - Galladia vs the Pyramid Scheme


DM – Megan Tolentino @curium247 from The Redacted Files Tobi Hill-Meyer @Tobitastic from Writing Alchemy and Paulomi @PaulomiSP from Courier's Call Therin @explosiverunes from The Orc Zone


Thirsty Sword Lesbians by April Kit Walsh is an upcoming roleplaying game from Evil Hat Productions. It’s a feelings-focused game system that celebrates queer love and power. This episode uses the playtest material that you can find at


  • The fight music was “Space” by Nora Meld (@FailedSaves)
  • Everything else was from Chez Monplaisir
  • The main theme was “Petits animaux qui se dandinent dans les fleurs”
  • Sister Denial’s theme was “Weird serious jingle of death”
  • Vanilla’s theme was “Lemon Juice”
  • The sneaky music was “Fleurs qui se dandinent dans les petits animaux”
  • The wrap up music was “Victory”


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