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10 months ago

S4E13 - RPG: Young Justice - Lobsters and Feelings

King Shark has gone missing and it's up to four unlikely student heroes from Atlantis to rescue him! Can this group of Young heroes bring the culprits to Justice before it's too late? Join them on this underwater adventure that takes place in the world of DC's Young Justice using Richard Kreutz-Landry's Lobsters and Feelings, a hack of John Harper's Lasers and Feelings.

Content Warning

bullying, claustrophobia, animal death, embarrassment, cartoon violence, kidnapping


Whelmed: The Young Justice Files/ Richard on Twitter

Tabletop Tiddies / Legends: a Superhero Story / Emily on Twitter

Redgate and Wolf/ Sero on Twitter

Tavern Tales/ Kyle on Twitter

DCTV.News/ YoungJustice.Tv/ Princesses of Power fan site and Twitter / Ariel on Twitter

Redemption: A Star Wars actual-play podcast/ Michael on Twitter / (Michael couldn’t join us for the recording, but check out Redemption anyway!)

Game system: Lobsters and Feelings.

Music Credits (shared license for all tracks)


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