International Podcast Month
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3 years ago

S1E14 - AD: Side Heroes Podcast - After Mishra

International Podcast Month: Stories need to be told. Even if you aren't the superhero. The first ever episode in this brand-new Audio Drama series.

Show Notes

I hope you enjoy this special Audio-Drama minisode. This is something that stemmed from a twitter conversation that I had with Tess during Pride Month and quickly became a prototype for a much larger project. If you enjoy this minisode, be on the lookout for the Side Heroes podcast that will involve the characters you’ll hear in this episode in its first season. We’ll be exploring Mishra and Amy’s relationship from the beginning leading up to the events in this episode at least. Each season we will follow a different main character and their relationships with their very own superhero friend/family/love. Follow the progress on Twitter @SideHeroesPod.

And trigger warning, there is a recount of a supernatural attack against a woman in this episode. It’s very brief and being talked about well after the fact.

This starts at 00:08:05

This ends at 00:10:47

Cast and Crew

Writing, Directing, Editing, Sound Design, intro and outro by Ryan Boelter: @lordneptune

Side Heroes: @SideHeroesPod

Character Creation Cast: @CreationCast

Amy played by Megan Sharlau: @Tabletop_Megan

Tabletop Potluck: @TabletopPotluck

Denise played by Beth Crane: @NotCombustible

We Fix Space Junk: @WeFixSpaceJunk

Mishra played by Angela Craft: @angelacraft

Fandible: @Fandible

Phone and Train Computer Voices played by Rhi: @Rhiannon42

Magpies Podcast: @Magpies_Pod


Editing and sound design was done by Ryan Boelter. Sound effects were used under a creative commons license from Music was used with a creative commons license from All characters and situations are fictional. Any similarities to real life individuals is entirely coincidental.