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10 months ago

S4E20 - RPG: Chimera - Friendship is Music

A record shaped world, where music is magic, is under threat by evil corporations! These corporate villains are trying to control the magic and destroy musical freedom. Can our mixed-gender team of magical girl superheroes stop their plans in time?!

Content Warning

General Content Warnings: bee-person, mild violence, mild language SFX content warning: flame burst, fireworks, violent crash, explosion

Game System:

Chimera RPG by Ryan Boelter and Amr Ammourazz

Chimera is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that let's you blend multiple genres together to collaboratively create unique worlds, characters and stories that are limited only by your imagination.


Ryan Boelter (He/They) - Genre Moderator (GM)

Vincent MacElroy (They/Them) - Cyrus Wright/Cyberet (he/him)

Fay Onyx (Ze/Hir) - Rose/Phoenix Rose (she/her)

Liz (They/Them) - Markus Martes (he/him)/GHOSTWRITER (she/her)

Jonn (He/Him) - Carpenter (they/them)


Sound Cleanup, Dialogue Editing, Environmental Sound Design and Scoring

Action Sound Design

Accessibility Consultant



Opening Fanfare: Evening Melodrama by Kevin MacLeod

On the Bright Side: Happy Whistling Ukulele by Rafael Krux

The Echo: IntheSun by Lilo Sound

Markus/Ghostwriter: Around The Globe by Alexander Nakarada

Cyrus: Fast Talkin by Kevin MacLeod

Rose Part 1: The Joy Of Victory by WinnieTheMoog

Rose Part 2: Serpentine by WinnieTheMoog

Carpenter: Street Trap by WinnieTheMoog

Music Store: Tavern Loop One by Alexander Nakarada

Flash Dance: StompDance by Kevin MacLeod

Mix Tape: Edm Detection Mode by Kevin MacLeod

Ghostwriter Transformation Part 1: The Joy Of Victory by WinnieTheMoog

Ghostwriter Transformation Part 2: Quantum Computer Love by MusicLFiles

Comforting Duet: Before The Storm by Alexander Nakarada

Cryus's Emotional Duet: Brothers Unite by Alexander Nakarada

Rose's Emotional Duet: Return Of A Hero by Alexander Nakarada

Carpenter Transforms!: Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeod

The Servers Are Against Us!: Super Sweet Sounds by Musikhalde

Bet You've Never Seen This Before!: Trap de Bondby Frank Schröter

Rose Transforms!: Rise Phoenix by Mikael Hellman

The Power of Friendship: Emotionalism by Alexander Nakarada

United: Happy Boy Theme by Kevin MacLeod

A New World: Epic Cinematic Orchestra Instrumental by EdiKey20

Sound Effects:

The action sound effects are from Free Sound: Many sounds were altered by Fay Onyx The following sounds require attribution: Electric skateboard by Eelke | License: Attribution Opening and closing metal mailbox.wav by CGEffex | License: Attribution Bamboo Swing, A5.wav by InspectorJ | License: Attribution shuriken3.mp3 by Taira Komori | License: Attribution Poison Spell Magic by qubodup | License: Attribution good kick in the head sound.aif by mwl500 | License: Attribution long wispy woosh1.wav by newagesoup | License: Attribution Heavy Impacts by RICHERlandTV | License: Attribution 56 shot candle barrage 1, 5th november 2012.aif by crosbychris | License: Attribution Smashing head on wall by pfranzen | License: Attribution THE CRASH.wav by sandyrb | License: Attribution tommygoogle_smash_tv.wav by tommygoogle | License: Attribution Climbing Ladder by Mountain852 | License: Attribution Noncommercial Attic Door Springs 2 (climbing the ladder) by officialfourge | License: Attribution generator_rumble.flac by primeval_polypod | License: Attribution metal-ring by CosmicEmbers | License: Attribution Barrier.wav by aj_heels | License: Attribution


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