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10 months ago

S4E21 - AD: Arcadia, CA - Deep Focus

Today is Friday. 

An average Friday, just like any other. 

A normal day, in an uneventful month, in a typical year. 

A day that one would expect to pass just as normally, and uneventfully, and typically as all the other Fridays before it, especially in a small town in the Pacific Coast Ranges. 

Except this is a Friday in Arcadia, California. 

And in this small town, nothing is what it seems to be.


Arcadia, Ca is a bi-weekly California Gothic audio drama. 

February, 2009 

The absence of a protagonist. 

Motivations are discussed. 

Lives go on. 

Allies (and enemies) are revealed. 

Enter Niko MacCleary. 


Theme music composed by Michael Freitag

Sound effects provided by and

Cyrus DiCaprio is played by Vic Collins Delphine Falconer is played by Izzy Trevalian Camren Sherridan is played by Nick Elliot Baldwin is played by Rue Dickey Holly MacCleary is played by Vanessa Haas Karin Segretti is played by Corvyn Appleby Wil Sudsworth is played by Thomas Flemming Niko MacCleary is played by M. German 

Arcadia, CA is written and directed by Lee Seguinte, edited by Erik Seguinte, and produced by Law of Names Media.

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