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2 months ago

S5E13 - RPG: Absurdia - Night at the Library

An introverted archivist, a determined collector, and a sentient hamster find themselves trapped in the Absurdia Public Library with a fantastically fictitious threat. Can they set the story straight before they lose their heads?

Content Warning

Content warnings: surreality, vocal distortion (23:20, 1:41:05), amnesia, brief allusion to drug use, supernatural violence, harm to animal-like creatures, body switching, loud sound effect (1:21:05), burnout



All music from, CC BY 40 license (

Elevator Music by Tim Kulig Artist website:

Fairy Dance by Rafael Krux Artist website:

My First Game by WinnieTheMoog Free download: Artist website:

Professor and the Plant by Kevin MacLeod Free download: Artist website:

Villainous Treachery by Kevin MacLeod Free download: Artist website:

“VibrateTimeEffect3” by Milky0519


Absurdia, a game about the strange and surreal horrors of the public library and other mundane places, was created by Quinn Majeski.

Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland,” public domain u.


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