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1 year ago

S3E3 - RPG: We Die Here - Wentletrap

Welcome to the small, secluded beach town of Wentletrap, Oregon. Long home to a scant few struggling cranberry farms, it’s taken on new life in recent years as a destination for tourists seeking to escape to its pristine sandy shores. Their patronage has brought new energy and commerce to the town - but with it stirs something far darker.

Content Warning

supernatural horror, body horror, drug and alcohol references.


  • GM and Editor - Quinn, Monster Hour
  • Abigail Blake - Susannah, Thornvale
  • William Moxley - Derek, Rolling Misadventures
  • Ron Johnson - Bernie, Firefly Podcast
  • Ensemble - The casts of Monster Hour, Roll to Play Network, and 4EverGM


We Die Here - a delightfully sinister game about the lives and secrets of small, isolated towns - was created by Steffie de Vaan.

Music and sound effects

“Wentletrap” theme music composed by Kyle Levien. All sound effects from, Creative Commons Attribution license: -Falling gumtree.wav by ianoboe -Crowd_Cheering.wav by ken788 -Glass Broken by Zeinel -Ableton Live Performances by ValentinSosnitskiy -Spooky Snap 2 by magnuswalker -Spooky Siren by magnuswalker -Rave Beat by waveplay


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