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10 months ago

S4E11 - CS: Tubular Teens with Titans - Trailer

When the world faces a subterranean threat, only 5 teens with attitude can save the day...

Content Warning



Tubular Teens with Titans is an episodic dramedy set in the mid 1990s about a group of teens who traverse real life dramas while balancing the responsibility of keeping the world safe from a subterranean threat. The 10-episode first season launches in Winter 2021. Find the show at, and subscribe on your podcatcher of choice today.


Thundersword (Tubular Teens with Titans Theme) Written By: Keisha Wallace, Joe Khasm, and Ahmad Joudeh Performed By: Keisha Sounds Produced by: Keisha Wallace and Kelly Jones for DaspotAcewall Productions Recorded, Mix, and Mastered by: Daspot Recording Studio in Richmond, VA

Shayne Patrick as Narrator Keisha Wallace as Gwen Briar Zachary as Jai Chris Van as Benny Allegra Shivers-Rodriguez as Scarlett Tim Loika as Ha-Nuel Waffles Mahaffey as Drt Alistair


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