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1 year ago

S3E8 - RPG: Mission Accomplished!

Join Agents Mercury, Skippy Bourbon, Elle Woods, and new recruit Spluk’tor of the Moon Squid as they debrief with management about their successful operation to destroy the Moon Laser! Who tweeted about the secret mission? Did cowboys ride cows? What is the Shadow Moon? All these questions and more will be answered in Mission: Accomplished!

Content Warnings

Fire, Violence

About the Game

Mission: Accomplished! Created by Jeff Stormer

Cast and Crew

Episode edited by Ryan Boelter

Kyle Allen Devich (he/they) played Elle Woods @Super_Queero On Prism Pals and Off the Table’s “East Ceto Beach” @PrismPals

Ryan Boelter (he/they) played Agent Mercury @lordneptune - Co-host on Character Creation Cast @CreationCast - Producer and Sound Designer for A Horror Borealis @AHorrorBorealis Creator and co-designer of Chimera RPG @ChimeraRPG -

Sammy (they/them) played Spluk’tor @Sammymadafiglio GM and editor for Queer Dungeoneers @queerdungeons -

Kyle Decker (he/him) played Skippy Bourbon @Deckelodeon GM & Editor & General Showrunner, Quest Friends! @Quest_Friends -

Rhi (she/her) played the GM: @rhiannon42 GM and Producer of The Magpies Podcast @magpies_pod -


Intro: Spy Story: The Agent by Sascha Ende Link: License:

Elle: Total Happy Up And Sunny by Sascha Ende Link: License:

Mercury: Schools Out by Sascha Ende Link: License:

Spluk'tor: New Business by WinnieTheMoog Link: License:

Skippy: Guts and Bourbon by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:


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