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2 years ago

S2E25 - AD: The Aero-Girl Adventures - Anthology

The Aero-Girl Adventures tells the story of Jacqueline Mackenzie, the daughter and sidekick of Foxbay’s greatest hero, Battle Jack. Trained to inherit the awesome Battle Spirit from her father, tragedy strikes and Jacqueline’s life will never be the same!

Written, Directed and Produced

@rpg_casts as Jacqueline MacKenzie/Aero-Girl
@woodytondorf as Jack MacKenzie/Battle Jack
@12thKnight as Diane Mackenzie
@vartian as Dr. Chimera
@meglish as Chris Ward/Bandit
@doughorn84 as Benjamin Bale/ Crimson Ghost
@jamesninness as the Narrator

Additional Voices by
Pete Lutz
David Steele
Mark Marble


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Intro and Outro music is Morning Dew by LiQWYD