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10 months ago

S4E15 - AD: Breathing Space Fading - Bootstrap / Badger Game

Content Warning

This episode contains gun violence & gunshots.


Three Stories from the System This is the Blue Lady, greencast to all local, anybody in the neighborhood? It gets mighty lonely in the black. Every spacer knows that really, when it comes down to it, they're on their own. Especially if you fly solo. And when you're on your own out there, a ship malfunction isn't a temporary inconvenience. It's a death threat.

That's how it is everywhere, Cal. People'r out for themselves. An' they'll do whatever they got to to come out on top. An asteroid community has to stick together to survive. People need to trust you have their back. But what if you aren't who everyone thinks you are?

"There she is. The love of my life. Maybe if I leave now she won't have noticed me." Dog Walkers take the jobs you can't put on the books. In that line of work, it pays to have friends in every port. Unfortunately for Kell, this job is going to bring her back to the one station where she doesn't.


Bootstrap Slick played by Scott Paladin Bronsspouse played by Cam Clarke Camdenskin played by Quill Turner Add'l voice provided by Sean Getys & Jeremia

This episode of Breathing Space, Fading Frontier was written & edited by Scott Paladin.

Badger Game Cal played by Vanessa Haas Addie played by Paige Alena Aloysius Moriarty played by Sean Gettys John Mark Casupang played by James

This episode of Breathing Space, Fading Frontier was written by Lee Seguinte and edited by Erik Seguinte.

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Our theme music was composed & arranged by Michael Freitag, written by Scott Paladin, and vocals by Jeremiah.

Breathing Space, Fading Frontier is a Law of Names production.

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