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2 years ago

S2E19 - RPG: D&D5e - Dungeons and Office Work

The Lich has been pre-occupied lately and HR is on vacation. Heroes are still getting into the dungeon but danger pay on the first few levels has not been awarded in quite some time. Meanwhile the Lich’s chief of operations, Gruul the ogre mage, has been even more secretive than normal lately. This is an opportunity for dramatic players to pick a CR 5-8 monster from the Monster Manual or other official printed 5e book and enter the world of office politics in a classic 5e dungeon.

In today’s episode @taverntalesdm Kyle Gould takes us behind the scenes into the dungeon itself as office politics run rampant and change is nigh while upper management is absent and the General Manager may be making a power play. Here we find filing clerk / ex-guard Salamander Craig Williams played by @PMGrelli Peter along with Help Desk and Call Centre Operator Hydra The S.U.S.E.N. played by @beaspacecat Colleen and recent Underdark University graduate and new hire Executive Assistant Medusa Maria played by @tobitastic Tobi.

It’s Dungeons and Dragons meets... The Office.

Kyle Gould – @taverntalesdm – Dungeon Master
Colleen - @beaspacecat – The Hydra, The S.U.S.E.N.
Mathias [previously Peter] - @PMGrelli – Salamander Craig Williams
Tobi - @tobitastic – Medusa Maria

Thanks for listening.


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Intro and Outro music is Morning Dew by LiQWYD