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2 months ago

S5E6 - RPG: Avatar - The Pro-Bending Championship Match Part 1

It’s the week leading up to the finals for the pro-bending championship and rumours abound about cheating and collusion as our first time heroes take to the streets to see if anything about these rumours is true before the match itself.


Nicole: @Phaedra220, a member of The Misfits of Space podcast, guest on The Redacted Files and producer of Jack Sam and Mama. Nicole can also be summoned with enemies to lovers arcs.

Nicole is playing Maly – the Hammer, the tiny, fierce and fast talking water bender.

Cameron: @midnightmusic13, a player on Tabletop Squadron and A Knight of Shreds and Patches.

Cameron is playing Rei – Rogue, Fire Bender, spicy but sweet with a side of angst.

Susannah: Keeper of the Thornvale

Susannah is playing Chad – Guardian, earth bender, hugger, himbo.

Your Game Master: Kyle Gould, @taverntalesdm, the Dungeon Master and editor of Tavern Tales and Tavern Tales Junior as well as Skip Fortuna on Flight Risk


The Pro-Bending Championship Match Part One uses Avatar Legends: The RPG from Magpie Publishing.


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