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10 months ago

S4E19 - CC: Cole Burkhardt and Faith McQuinn

Cole sits down with Faith McQuinn to discuss moon rocks, cross-genre relationships, and becoming an expert in a field you know nothing about.


Observer Pictures can be found on their website at, on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page at "ObserverPix". Faith's person Twitter can be found @Fbeemcee Boom can be found on their website Margaritas and Doughnuts can be found on their website at Apollyon can be found on their website at or on Twitter @ApollyonPod Ifundwomen, a crowdfunding platform for women entrepreneurs, can be found at The Breakdown is a series with the GQ youtube channel, which can be found at Unseen can be found on Twitter @theunseenpod The Courtship of Mona Rae can be found on their Twitter @AudioHarlem and on their website at The Black Audio Dramas Exist Twitter can be found @BlkAudioDramas. "Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History" is written by Ben Mezrich The Thirteen podcast can be found on Twitter @PodThirteen.


Edited by Cole Burkhardt


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