International Podcast Month
Celebrating Creators, Sharing Listeners
3 years ago

S1E32 - RPG: World Wide Wrestling

International Podcast Month: In what will surely be called "The Greatest Moment In The History Of Our Sport," Jeff, Taylor, Arp, and Neal step into the squared circle for a special playthrough of Nathan D. Paoletta's World Wide Wrestling.

Welcome to a very special episode of I Am Hear, celebrating Interational Podcast Month. I'm Jeff Stormer, of the Party Of One and All My Fantasy Children podcasts; I'll be your Game Master for this one-shot playthrough of Nathan D. Paoletta's World Wide Wrestling, the Powered By The Apocalypse RPG of high-octane professional wrestling. I'm joined in the ring by Taylor LaBresh of Riverhouse Games and the Game Closet podcast, Arp from Splinters Of A Broken Sun, and Neal Powell from DM-Nastics and Whelmed: The Young Justice Files. Get your steel chairs ready, because we’re here to shock the world, and this time, we’re going full force!

International Powerhouse Wrestling Presents: Saturday Night Streetfight! Will Icarus be able to defend his #1 Contendership? Will Wildman Bill Bridger reclaim his axe from Chops McKenzie? Will The Wrecksecutioner get revenge on the Yeat Beat Agents? All this and more, THIS SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY!