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2 years ago

S2E42 - RPG: Ryuutama - Pajama Dragon

Join our three friends Elsa (Sammy), Taulin (Yubi), and Pazuy (Zack) as they are sent on a perilous journey, by The Great Grandmaster Gramps, to grab The Tome of Memories. Let us navigate through The Evergreen Valley, ride down the rapids in The Crystal River, and explore The Xae’Rune Ruins. Be ready for laughs, hats, and cows.

Pajama Dragon - A Ryuutama Game: This is an Actual Play of the TTRPG game Ryuutama.

The Players
Yubi from The Mortal Path as Taulin
Sammy from Queer Duneoneers as Elsa
Zack from Heart Points as Pazuy aka Pause

The GM / Pajama Dragon
Xander from Heart Beats: A HeartWarming Fantasy

Loopster - Kevin MacLeod
Call to Adventure - Kevin MacLeod
I Knew a Guy - Kevin MacLeod
Strange Sands - Kevin MacLeod
Cool Vibes - Kevin MacLeod
Airport Lounge - Kevin MacLeod
Club Seamus - Kevin MacLeod
Witch Waltz - Kevin MacLeod
Piano Monolog - Kevin MacLeod
Lightless Dawn - Kevin MacLeod
Melody of Yolk - Rob Anderson


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Intro and Outro music is Morning Dew by LiQWYD