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11 months ago

S4E2 - RPG: Root the RPG - The Journey to Oakenhold

The Woodland is caught in the midst of conflict and war, but a vagabond still has to get paid! Join Thic Tail, Vix, and Linden as they undertake a risky nighttime journey to smuggle goods for the Woodland Alliance. What challenges and strange alliances will they encounter along the way?

Content Warning

Brief explicit language.


Root: The RPG is published by Magpie Games.


Rhi (she/her) as the GM. Rhi is the owner of Clever Corvids Productions and will be GMing their next Blades in the Dark actual play podcast, coming out later this year. She also runs Skill Check, which provides copy editing and digital accessibility services to the tabletop RPG community.

Ben (they/them) as Thic Tail.Ben is the GM and Editor of Heroes of the Hydian Way, a Star Wars actual play podcast that delves into the trauma of the force and the fun of being with old grumpy friends against the empire.

Vin (he/him) as Vix Vermillion. Vin produces and plays on The Chimera, an actual play podcast creating strange fiction across a variety of genres and game systems, as well as Dark & Stormy Nights, a literature podcast that reads the first page--and only the first page--of a different novel each week. He also publishes quirky, tone-forward mini-rpgs at

Quinn (he/him) as Linden Quell. Quinn is the GM and editor of Monster Hour, a Monster of the Week actual play podcast featuring good goofs, spooky monsters, and sinister mysteries.


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