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2 months ago

S5E10 - RPG: Under the Neighborhood - The Duran Squared Plaza Promenade Extravaganza

It’s time for prom! You know what that means: homemade dresses, sneaking out to kiss cute boys, and dealing with the nightmare of knowing that a copy of yourself created by your own dreams could be around every corner.

Everyday problems spiral into fantastical adventures in this one-shot inspired by cartoons like The Owl House, Dead End: Paranormal Park, and Gravity Falls!

Content Warning

Fire, the Undead


Cast Kyle Decker as the Game Master: Ryan Boelter as Aria Dawn: @lordneptune Jonn H Perry as LeBron Tate: @blues_cast Madelancholy as Emmie DeRime: @madelancholy

Music Credits "Quest Friends! Hereafter Theme" by Miles Morkri: "FX Roller Skates 02.wav" by PeteBarry (license): "Wallpaper" by Kevin Macleod (license): Additional Music from Motion Array:


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