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2 years ago

S2E6 - RPG: Journey Away

In this short adventure, the players take the roles of a group of travelers leaving the village for the first time and journeying to a city in the mountains, taking place in a world where magic has only recently begun to appear. The group runs across a number of strange creatures and make some unexpected friends before arriving at their destination in a most unexpected manner.

This oneshot for IPM used the system Journey Away by Jacob Kellogg.

Players for this game were Therin Stapp (@explosiverunes), Charlotte Elena (@thecornbreab), and Ursula Huxtable (@tiredmagpie), the GM was Robbie Van de Motter (@lobster_writer). You can find Therin’s work at The Orc Zone, Charlotte in Tabletop Potluck, Ursula in Queer Dungeoneers, and Robbie in Not Joanna Eggs.

We had an absolute blast recording this and we hope that you enjoy listening to it half as much as we enjoyed making it. Happy IPM!

This episode was edited by Robbie Van de Motter. All music used in this episode comes from and belongs to Kevin MacLeod. The tracks used are (not in order): Continue Life, Prelude and Action, Kawai Kitsune, Corncob, Finding Movement, Porch Swing Days – Slower, Fluffing a Duck, Bama Country, Garden Music


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Intro and Outro music is Morning Dew by LiQWYD