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1 year ago

S3E9 - NF: So, You Want to Start a Podcast?

Episode summary

<dl> <dt>00:00 | Intro</dt> <dt>02:14 | Concept, format</dt> <dt>06:30 | General advice</dt> <dt>11:45 | Pre-production</dt> <dt>13:25 | Production (recording)</dt> <dd> a useful site for synchronizing your claps.</dd> <dt>21:02 | Post-production</dt> <dd>Ian's Audacity window during an intense edit.</dd> <dt>25:58 | Hosting platforms</dt> <dd> </dd> <dt>31:34 | Copyright law</dt> <dd>The Extra Dimension #20: Copyright Law › The Nexus</dd> <dt>34:31 | DRM</dt> <dd>The Extra Dimension #27: Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the Problems It Introduces › The Nexus</dd> <dt>36:16 | Promoting your show</dt> <dd>Second Opinion #79: Podcast Players Roundup › The Nexus</dd> <dt>40:44 | Monetization</dt> <dd> </dd> <dt>44:37 | Outro</dt> </dl>

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