International Podcast Month
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2 years ago

S2E46 - RPG: Descent into Midnight - Dark Hearts, Darker Waters (2019)

The Corruption has taken hold, and the Community is close to falling apart. There have already been losses, and there is no guarantee that you can fix what’s wrong without sacrifice.

Content warning for body horror and spiders

Dark Hearts Darker Waters was produced for International Podcast Month, and uses Descent into Midnight rule set

Dark Hearts Darker Waters Cast:
VJ Brown (@nwfairy, @hedgedinacs) Guide and Editor
Jazz (@orangelikejazz, @HeartBeatsCast,) Tormus
lucille valentine (@severelytrans) Nyre
Thomas (@WildEndeavors) Seara
Taylor LeBresh (@levithanfiles) Tonal Sharp

All music created for the episode by VJ Brown


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Intro and Outro music is Morning Dew by LiQWYD