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1 year ago

S3E29 - RPG: Songs for the Dusk - The Rise of Isan

It has been 424 years since the Cataclysm that ended the Radiant Era.

Well, it has been 424 years since anyone started counting years again, at least. In that time, humanity crawled back out of their bunkers and began to build a new world atop the unfathomable bones of the old.

This has had some drawbacks.

No one really knows how the technology of the Radiant Era worked, and sometimes some piece of the distant past will wake up and cause trouble. When that happens, someone has to go find out what's going on and find a way to make it stop. Most people don't want to be that someone, but sometimes you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or your community believes in you, or the siren song of profit and power catches your ear.

Recently, the sleepy town of Isan in the mountainous Pinelocke region has had a few troubling developments. At first, it seemed like the tremors were little more than the earthquakes that occasionally shook the hills-- but when Isan wrenched itself from the ground and began to float up into the sky, the citizens had some concerns and turned to their local heroes for help. Whether you're ready or not, today you're one of those heroes. The town has not yet stopped ascending, and eventually that's going to cause some serious habitability problems. At the same time, powers near and far may see this as an opportunity... or a threat.

A group of Augurs-- scholars who travel Tamaris studying curiosities-- just happens to be passing through, along with the cast and crew of a popular ghost hunting TV show. Together, they must uncover the mystery of Isan's rise... and bring the town back down to earth.

Content Warning

Potential CW for body horror: an NPC acts as host for a fungal network, and has fungal filaments growing through her brain and hair.

The Players

Aster, the Scholar (they/them) is played by Rhi (she/her) from The Magpies @magpies_pod. You can find her on Twitter @rhiannon42.

Crescentmoon "CJ" Jalili (any) is played by Bea (she/her) from Unlabelled @UnlabelledAP. You can find her on Twitter @spacedoobie.

Mezzanine Skipjack, the Scrapper (he/him) is played by Thomas (he/him) from Wild Endeavors. You can find him on Twitter @WildEndeavors.

The Guide

Your friendly guide is Arp (he/they) from Stories of a Broken Sun @BrokenSunRPG. You can find them on Twitter @Whycalibur.

Thanks & Credits

Thank you to @chris_geldart on Twitter for the use of his gorgeous Songs for the Dusk clocks and maps for Roll20.

The episode's intro song is Benue by Javier Madinabeitia, which you can find at

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