International Podcast Month
Celebrating Creators, Sharing Listeners
3 years ago

S1E23 - RPG: Aberrant, Community Service

Listen in as Liz, OGBrownSugar and Xander work their way through a homebrew one shot set in the White Wolf rpg, Aberrant. Three people have been sentenced to 200 hours of community service. On a hot August day in Los Angeles, while on the highway picking trash several catastrophes happen all at once triggering The Event. How do these, not necessarily good, people deal with the trauma to come? Well, here’s a shotgun. Welcome to the Medical Team.

Welcome to… another very special episode of I am: Hear, celebrating International Podcast Month the only way we know how, by creating as many special podcasts as we can! I’m Kyle. I’m the producer of Tavern Tales, a curated liveplay dungeons and dragons weekly podcast set in the Tales of the Yawning Portal campaign module, by Wizards of the Coast. But this isn’t Tavern Tales, and this isn’t D&D. Today you’re about to hear a special one shot called “Community Service” set in White Wolf’s 1999 Aberrant system. That’s right! We’re going 20th century for this!

I was joined by some great people who went on to become really good friends of mine. Your stars are:

Liz Burton , @thepigeonwizard, from the weekly D&D podcast Dungeons, Dice and Everything Nice.

Velvet/OGBrownSugar , @OGBrownSugar, from the now 1 year old weekly homebrew Fate system podcast Splinters of a Broken Sun

Xander , @AdeptXander, from the bi-weekly Ryuutama rpg podcast Heart Beats Cast