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10 months ago

S4E16 - RPG: Necronautilus - Ordelicious

In this session of Necro­nau­tilus, our team of three Death Agent’s are de­ployed to in­ves­ti­gate a  po­ten­tial in­frac­tion of the laws of the blind god Death, as a despot­ic ruler at­tempts to ex­pand  their em­pire. Join Mis­tral, Rip, and Trig­ger as they at­tempt to rea­son with the fun­gal over­lord  upon a plan­et of chrome and blood.

  • The hot tub is fire, but needs some main­te­nance.
  • An un­con­ven­tion­al open­ing tac­tic in ne­go­ti­a­tions.
  • The gift of fun.
  • En­force­ment as sal­ad prepa­ra­tion.
  • An un­con­ven­tion­al tri­al. 

Content Warning



GM: Daniel An­dr­lik (he/him) from the Ex­plor­ers Want­ed pod­cast. Mis­tral: Gra­hame Turn­er (he/they) from the Role Less Tak­en pod­cast. Rip: Cat (she/they) from the Sword of Sym­phonies pod­cast. Trig­ger: Tobi Hill-Mey­er (she/her) from the Writ­ing Alche­my pod­cast. Pro­du­cer: Da­ni­el Andrlik


Blood And Steel by Alexan­der Nakara­da  

Dev­il's Hymn by Alexan­der Nakara­da  

Un­for­get­table Jour­ney by Alexan­der Nakara­da

Brit­tle by Half Life / via Au­di­io  

Cop­per­mouth by Ceme­tery Men / via Au­di­io  

Spa­re Chan­ge by Lance Con­rad / via Audiio  

Ho­ver by Phi­lip Fi­guei­re­do / via Au­di­io  

Extinct by Ge­hena / via Au­diio  

Des­per­a­tion by Alexan­der Nakara­da  

Where One Can’t by Lull / via Au­di­io  

Ad­di­tion­al am­biance and sound ef­fects li­censed from Au­dio Al­chemist, Game­De­v­Arts, and  Mon­u­ment Stu­dios.


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