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11 months ago

S4E3 - RPG: Trophy Dark - The Quarantine Zone

After an unknown and unexplained event eighteen months ago, things in the forest began to change. Impossible landscapes, incomprehensible monsters—the Quarantine Zone began to spread, and it has not stopped. Hence Expedition Team Delta, hired by the research organization Advance to venture into the Quarantine Zone and uncover its source. When scientist Lee Barnett, guard Ivy “Rook” Kozlowsky, and Dr. Emmett Blackburn enter the Quarantine Zone in pursuit of answers, they will be faced with sights beyond their wildest dreams, or their worst nightmares. They may make it out alive, they may even make it out with answers, but one thing is certain: they will certainly not make it without the forest changing them for good.

Content Warnings

descriptions of wounds/infected wounds, insects (maggots, infestation), violence, harm to wild animals, animal death, severe disorientation, body horror (esp. joints, veins, mentions of broken bones), parasites, zombies, character death


Rev (@RevDeschain) of The Critshow (@thecritshow) as Dr. Emmett Blackburn Christine (@cprevas) of The Unexplored Places (@unexploredcast) as the GM Charlotte (@TheCornbreab) of Tabletop Potluck (@tabletoppotluck) as Lee Barnett Max (@Esoteric90sIP) of Legends of Chel (@LandOfChel) as Ivy "Rook" Kozlowsky


Trophy Dark by Jesse Ross


License: Symmetry by Kevin MacLeod Link:


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