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2 years ago

S2E4 - RPG: Monster of the Week - Prom

As the end of their high school experience draws near, teenage monster hunters Greg, Frankie, and Abby must demystify their toughest mystery yet: prom.

Join Christine (@cprevas of @unexploredcast), Madge (@madgequips of @IronHidesPod), Kyle (@Deckelodeon of @Quest_Friends), and Sara (@SaraFantastic92 of @4FriendsSumDice) as they journey into Monster of the Week by Michael Sands.

Music Credit
The Unexplored Places:

4 Friends & Some Dice: Village Consort by Kevin MacLeod

Quest Friends: Friends by MiracleOfSound (YouTube:, Bandcamp:


Episode edited by Christine (@cprevas)


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Intro and Outro music is Morning Dew by LiQWYD